upcoming IPO calendar for 2022:

Upcoming IPO in India 2022: Recently IPO investment has been famous among retail investors. Some IPOs had to give bumper listing gains in 2021, and Experts indicate that 2022 is also set to see a similar momentum in the IPO segment.

Can you want to take benefit of this opportunity? Then you need to always be up to date about startups and businesses raising funds through initial public offering and going to the public very soon.

We share information on companies filling out DRHP (draft red herring prospectus) applications to SEBI for IPO. Also gives a list of upcoming IPO 2022, IPO reviews, analysis, IPO Allotment Status, IPO Bidding Information, Grey Market Premiums (GMP) of IPO, and other important IPO News.

Upcoming IPOs in 2022:

Ongoing IPO / Current IPO / Active IPO:

Here you can find Active IPOs or Current IPOs –

IPO NameIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date

Upcoming IPOs in India – April 2022:

This is the list of Upcoming IPOs expected to launch in April -22

IPO NameIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date
Delhivery IPO7400 Cr.NAMar-22
Aether Industries IPONANAMar-22
Campus Activewear IPONANAMar-22
Protean eGov Technologies IPONANAMar-22
Rainbow Children’s Medicare IPO2000 Cr.NAMar-22
Venus Pipes & Tubes IPONANAMar-22
Hexagon Nutrition IPO100 Cr.NAMar-22
Asianet Satellite Communications IPO765 Cr.NAMar-22
Bharat FIH IPO5003.80 Cr.NAMar-22
Snapdeal IPO1250 Cr.NAMar-22
Jesons Industries IPO120 Cr.NAMar-22

Initial Public Offering (IPO):

IPO is a process when a company can go first time public by selling its equities to the general public. It could be a startup or an old company that decides to be listed on a stock exchange.

In this process, the company raises funds by selling equity, and the investor buys equity to participate in the business.

stock Exchange

A stock exchange is a place where company shares are traded. The stock exchange aims to make sure that it brings together buyers and sellers.

IPO Open Date / Issue Close Date:

 The opening and closing date of the IPO bidding process. Investors can apply for an IPO during this time only.

IPO Lot Size

The minimum count of shares an investor can apply for in an IPO. A lot size of ’20’ means that an investor needs to bid for at least 400 shares.

IPO Issue Price:

 The issue price is when an issue of securities is first offered for sale to the public. Issuers often determine the issue price by calculating the total value of the securities and dividing that amount by shares outstanding.

IPO Issue Size

The total monetary value of the IPO. It is calculated by multiplying the number of shares offered by the company with the issue price per share.

Upcoming IPO FAQs?

What Is An IPO?

when a company sell its equity to the general public first time known as IPO or Initial Public Offer

Where To Find An Upcoming IPO?

IMD IPO portal provides you with the details of the upcoming IPOs. It lists IPOs based on several categories, i.e., most famous IPOs, recent or running IPOs, IPOs based on market size, NSE, and BSE-based IPOs. You can view the lists and check the details of any IPO.

How to check an IPO Start Date?

Investors can track upcoming IPO dates on the IMD portal. Here publish a list of upcoming IPO, IPO listing dates, and vide notice indicating when an IPO becomes available for trading.

Is It a Good Idea To Invest Every IPO?

Investment in IPOs is a good idea, but investing in every single IPO may not be a good one. Before investing in an IPO, one must analyze a few things. 
Business model/Historical performance/Market Holding
Future Growth
Company’s motive
the motive of raised fund 
Stock price
After analyzing these about a company, you will land at a high returning IPO

Is IPO A Better Option To Generate Returns In The Short Term?

Yes, it is possible by subscribing to IPO.
Based on the previous IPO performance8 out of 10 companies delivered around 60% returns on listing day or within a month.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Amount To Invest In IPO In India?

There is no minimum or maximum amount for IPOs.
But as per my observation, as per the past few IPOs, the minimum amount is around Rs. 14-15k per lot.
The maximum amount depends on your capital, but you have to buy in multiples of 1 lot.

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