World War III: going to happen? 

Russia has waged war against Ukraine ( Russia Ukraine war ). Do not consider it a mutual fight only between two countries. The circumstances of this war can throw the whole world on the verge of destruction. 

America and Russia, the two big superpowers of the world, are clashing, so this war can also create the situation of World War III. With the landing of any other side from Ukraine, this fear of the third world war will come true. 

Here we are notifying you of eight such concrete reasons, due to which the world is afraid of the Third World War.

There are 8 big reasons for this fear amid the war in Russia-Ukraine

World War III

Reason 1: ton with the army of 30 countries

The biggest reason for talking about the third world war is Russia’s entanglement with NATO, an organization of 30 countries. Russia is against Ukraine’s decision to join NATO at any cost. 

The situation with Ukraine is the same as it is on our border with countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. As long as these countries do not take provocative steps along with India’s enemies, then we do not have any issue with them, but suppose if Bhutan, Bangladesh, or Nepal directly meeting our enemy countries and bringing their forces to our land If deployed on the borders, then many states and a large part of our country will become unsafe. 

Russia is not in a mood to tolerate such a situation. He argues that by joining Ukraine in NATO, NATO forces want to pressure Russia by standing on its border.

NATO’s army is not tiny; it includes 30 developed and powerful countries like Britain, France, Germany, America, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Luxembourg. If the NATO forces take action, then this war will move towards the Third World War.

Reason 2: Challenge to America

The US was still trying to avoid military action in this matter. Still, the aggressive manner in which Russia has torn down every sentence and openly challenged the war, America may also be forced to take armed action. Is. Anyway, being a big superpower of the world, it will not be possible for America to stay away from this matter. If America takes military action against Russia, its direct result will be Third World War.

If the world’s two biggest superpowers like Russia and America will collide directly, then no one can say how long the war of these two will go. In this situation, many nations of the world will be compelled to jump into this war, because most of the countries are divided somewhere between these two poles and they will have to support their comrades from the front or from the back.

Third reason: Threats to Western countries and European neighbors

Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly threatened Western countries and European neighbors to stay away from the matter. He said that if any foreign country enters into Ukraine, it will get an immediate answer as history has never seen before. His statement is very provocative to other nations. The world has already seen two big battles because of frivolous arguments challenging one’s personality.

Fourth reason: Crooked China

The case of China is going to be very important in this war. China has already started making statements in support of Russia and has cited the pressure being exerted on Russia by Western countries as the reason for provoking the war. The tension between the US and China has been going on for a long time.

The US has blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus. He has surrounded China on a global scale. America came out openly to help India, Taiwan, and Japan to face China. America has constantly challenged China on the issue of Hong Kong. China’s growing economic power also knocks America. If America enters the battlefield against Russia, it will be a good opportunity for China to settle the account with America.

Reason Fifth: Defying the UNO

The United Nations has strongly condemned Russia’s military action and its stand. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called it against the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and a violation of the Minsk Agreement. Anyway, Russia is not in any mood to give value to any Chaudhary institution, so what will it care about these rules of UNO? Russia is also daring to challenge and outright disregard the United Nations.

Reason 6: The little freak that goes unnoticed

Some cynical dictators played a significant role in instigating the world’s first two big wars. Such an eccentric head of state can make this spark a volcano, which is unnoticed by anyone. This freak is the dictator President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who recently threatened to blow up any non-country near his border with nuclear weapons. Lukashenko is open with Russia in this war. Lukashenko and Putin, who have been in power for a long time, are also close friends.

Reason Seven: Pakistan’s conspiracy and India’s stand

From India’s point of view, this situation will be extraordinary for him because he has good relations with both Russia and America. When there is a direct war between America and Russia, it will be challenging for India to come to anyone’s side. India’s side will be determined by how its opponents, China and Pakistan, are behaving in this matter. If China starts threatening India along with supporting Russia’s arms, then the situation will become serious in the Indian subcontinent as well

Reason Eighth: The Rise of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

America has always had bitter relations with some of the Muslim countries of the Middle East. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., will see this opportunity to encircle America and take revenge on its traditional ally Israel. Israel is probably one of the top countries in the world in terms of military power.

 Anyway, at this time, he has tensions with terrorist organizations in Syria, Palestine, Iran, and Egypt. Terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas continue to release firecracker missiles on Israel, so Israel does not pay much attention to these sporadic firecrackers, but if by mistake during Russia-US tension, any Hamas missile falls on it, then the Middle-East And it could prove to be the spark that threw the Middle East into the Third World War. It cannot be said when a minor incident can lead to the war of Israel with the Arab nations.

This happened because of the fear of the third world war, but now there are some comforting things. Russia has shown such aggressive attitudes from Georgia to Crimea. Then the tension increased, but the matter did not reach the world war. Today’s era is economic war rather than strategic, which is equally fatal. H

owever, there is no blood visible on the screen. Anyway, there will not be a third world war like the first and second world wars. In the Second World War, a country equipped with an atom bomb stopped the fight, but many countries are now equipped with nuclear weapons. Neither the humans living on the earth nor this earth has the strength to withstand a war between countries armed with nuclear weapons.

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