How to link Aadhaar with Voter ID (Step By Step Procedure)

According to the Union Cabinet’s latest electoral bill, the Government has taken the step of linking an individual’s voter ID card ( EPIC) with their Aadhaar card. The purpose of this bill is to bring electoral reforms to the country.

The government of India has made linking of Aadhaar mandatory for many services such as PAN, mobile phone connections and bank accounts. Linking the two documents will help you in various ways such as faster KYC verification, avoid frauds like SIM swapping etc., and get a lot more benefits from the government.

Earlier, any person living in the village or city could get his voter ID card made from both places. In such a situation, he could vote twice in an election. At the same time, after linking voter ID with an Aadhaar card, he will not do this.

This will ensure transparency in the elections. In this post, we will tell you about the process of how you can link your voter ID card with Aadhaar. This process is straightforward, and you will not face any problems with this. You can connect your Aadhaar numbers to their voter IDs using the national voter service web, SMS, phone, or by visiting booth level officers in their area.

Check the following step-by-step procedure to link your Aadhar to your voter id in a simple method.

How to link Aadhaar to your voter ID card on the National voter service portal:

Step 1: To link Aadhar card with Voter ID card, first you have to visit the website of National Voter Portal

Step 2: Check the Login Page and Enter Mobile Number / Email ID / Voter ID Number. If not Registered, click on “Create an Account” then Login.

Step 3: Enter Your Password, Security Code and Click on Login Button.

Step 4: Verify your District Name & State Name.

Step 5: Enter Personal Information like Name, Father’s Name & Date of
Birth (DOB).

Step 6: Click on Search Button.

Step 7: Match your details with Government Database.

Step 8: Now click on Feed Aadhaar No. Button and open it.

Step 9: Enter Aadhaar Number, Voter ID Number, Registered mobile
number, / Email ID.

Step 10: After that, Click on Submit Button.

Step 11: Now, your successfully Link your Aadhar to your Voter ID Card, and you will get a confirmation message.

How to Link Aadhaar with EPIC Card through SMS:

Step 1: Open your phone text message

Step 2: tpye the following SMS format: ECILINK<SPACE><EPIC No.>< SPACE><Aadhaar No.>

Step 3: Send an SMS to 166 or 51969

How to Link Aadhaar with Voter ID Card through Phone:

You can also call the call center to link Aadhaar with your voter ID. Here is the full process.

Step 1: Dial 1950 from 10 AM to 5 PM on working days of the week.

Step 2: Share your Voter ID card number and Aadhaar number to link it. and follow the above instructions

You can also link your Aadhaar card with your EPIC card by submitting an application to your respective Booth Level Officer (BLO).

How to Link Aadhaar with Voter ID Through Booth Level Officers:

Step 1: Share an application with the nearest booth level office.

Step 2: The booth officer will cross-check the details and will visit your place of residence for further verification.

Step 3: Once done, it will be shown in the record.

Once you have submitted your details through any of the methods listed above, the authorities will process the application.

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