Miko Kubota

Miko Kubota (久保田 巫女 Kubota Miko; also known as Me_K.O.) Miko is a 16-year-old Japanese-American girl who has a job working for Hinobi’s technology store and is secretly working as a Glitch Tech.

Miko Kubota wiki:

Full nameMiko Kubota
Other namesMe_K.O.
OccupationHinobi store employee,
Glitch Tech agent
voiced by Monica Ray.
Powers/SkillsTechnology repair
Memory Wipe Immunity
GoalsClear the town of viral glitches.
Type of HeroHeroic Exterminator


Miko is a 16-year-old pale-skinned teenager like her family. She has purple hair with dark pink-violet highlights and streaks and straight bangs. She wears a yellow top with the image of a black cat, puffy purple pants, an azure blue skirt, red and white socks, and white and pink boots.


Repair of electronics: Since Mimi is part of tech support alongside her peers, she can repair machines such as a whack a mole (bunny in the case) arcade machine in Collection Quest.

Immunity to mind wipe: For unknown reason, her mind can’t be erased with the mind wipe blast of the Glitch Tech glove Mitch used  on her, without any effect, while Five and everyone else had their memory wiped.

Tech Gauntlet:

  • Cat bubble: shot at the target and capture it midair in a bubble full of cat.
  • Mind Wipe


  • Pet: can store her glitch pet Ally or summon it to help her. She can select a skin for her to give other abilities.

Bad Qualities

  • At first, Miko does act like a jackass to her family in Age of Hinobi just for wanting to be in a game tournament.
  • Has a bad habit of rushing which can lead her to being reckless.
  • She also forgets to apologize for making mistakes she thinks are minor, like almost hitting Five with a high intensity laser.
  • For some viewers, she can be a bit annoying at times.

(Source: fandom.com)