Amul Milk Price: Check latest Amul Milk rates here

Amul has India’s largest dairy brand, Amul was launched in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel. The Amul Model is a unique example for the world, and it has been replicated in every Indian state; it is also the most successful cooperative venture in the world.

Amul produces a wide range of milk products like flavoured milk, cheese, Butter, Ghee, Dahi, Milk powder, Chocolate, Shrikhand, Ice cream and many other dairy products.

In this article, we share the latest Amul Milk Price, so you confidently buy Amul milk for a cup of tea the next morning.

latest Amul Milk Price:

New rates Amul Milk (per 500 ml)

the latest 500 ml Amul Milk Price is :

  • Amul Gold -₹30
  • Amul Fresh-₹24
  • Amul Shakti-₹27

New Amul Milk per litre Price:

the latest 1000 ml Amul Milk Price is :

Amul Gold-₹60
Amul Fresh-₹48
Amul Shakti–₹56

why Amul hikes milk prices:

The company said the cost of production is increasing, due to which it has been decided to increase the prices of milk.

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