Are you being overcautious about what to take care of and focusing on what not to miss during the UPSC journey?

For UPSC preparation, paying attention to what you are doing, what you should do and what you should not leave is essential.  Here we are sharing some tips with you which will help in the journey of UPSC.

While making notes and practising notes, you can not afford to step behind exam patterns. It would be best if you were way more forward than paper setter

Pattern Of Exam

The only way to crack UPSC in one go is to prepare for Prelims & Mains together. You can not wait for the Pre result to come and then start preparing for mains.

Prelims and Mains Together

It is not necessary to read the newspaper. Yes, that is true. If you are not comfortable with newspapers, do not opt for them; try the institute's booklets or daily newspaper summary.

Current Affairs

Do not isolate yourself. Surround yourself with positive people.

Social Life

Try to take only that much pressure that you are capable of. And if you want to push your limits, balance it with yoga or sports. Do not overburden yourself.

Mental Health

Only you know your capabilities. Work hard and ace it.

Believe In Yourself